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Detailed Rules CZ Hike & FLY 2020

Every rules are written by experience.
The basic rule is to use one‘s brain and reason. And to play fair.
And most importantly – may nobody get injured.

The right to take part in the competition:

Everyone who holds a current paragliding pilot‘s license valid in the Czech Republic is eligible to register for the competition.


Paraglider with a valid technical certification, harness with a reserve parachute, helmet, an altitude measuring device.
It is not possible to change the paraglider during the competition without the permission given by the organizer.

A smart-phone with Android 4.0 OS or higher with installed and working XCTrack application (beta-version with live tracking – register and download for free on: www.xcontest.org/beta). The phone must be equipped with a working GPS sensor and must come with working and activated cellular data network.
Live tracking is likely to need maximum 3 MB of memory. External backup battery – a power bank or an accupack – with a charging cable for the phone is a need. Mobile phone will also be the means of communication between the organizer and the competitor.

A backup GPS saving the IGC file during the course of the competition is recommended.
Live tracking is important mainly with regard to the competitor‘s safety. The IGC file will be used for evaluation of the results and for proving the completion of the course.

Other requirements:

Liability insurance – third-party insurance.

Equipment carrying / Assistance / Support team

The competitor is obliged to carry their complete equipment up to 15 kg of weight during the whole course of the competition.
The competitor may make use of a support team, which is highly recommended.
The support team can provide the competitor with snacks, first aid, spare clothes, service of the equipment. The support team cannot help the competitor complete the course in any way.
Within the SPORT category, the support team may help the competitor transport the pieces of equipment exceeding the overall 15 kg of weight. This means that it is possible to remove some items of the competitor‘s equipment for the hiking parts of the race so that the competitor carries a load of maximum 15 kg of weight in between the flights.

Completing of the course

The participants are allowed to complete the course only by foot or by flying with their glider. Traveling by any other means, including chairlifts, hitch-hiking, using animals, roller skates etc. is forbidden.
The competitor may make use of bridges and tunnels for completing the course only in case these are meant for pedestrians.
In case of withdrawing from the competition in the course of the race, the competitor is obliged to inform the organizer personally or by phone.
The competitor is obliged to report to the organizer any issues or situations that may threaten or influence the safe course of the race.
Each participant is obliged to confirm by their signature to the organizer that they have reached the finish or they gave up the race.

The Course

The course will be defined by several turn-points. The shape of the turn-points and the way of reaching them will be specified when selecting the route.
The route pre-selection will be done in the mandatory briefing on Friday, May 29 2020 at 8:00 pm.
The final route selection will be done in the mandatory briefing on Saturday, May 30 2020 at 8:30 am.
The above described rules may be subject to minor changes. The registered participants will be informed about any changes to the rules. The rules may also be changed in the official briefings.